Leanne’s Café

ADDRESS: 15 Sydney Street, Mogo NSW 2536

PHONE: 0413 941 607

Leanne’s Café is not only a great place to treat yourself to freshly baked scones, home-made jam and whipped cream, or a gourmet sandwhich or gourmet home-made pies, it is also a specialty gift shop, featuring quirky teapots, nostalgia posters and beautiful giftware, making the ambiance both fascinating and fun.

Situated at the northern end of the village on the main road, Leanne’s Cafe shares the cottage with Rosemont the Patchwork Shop…so allow some time to explore both. If you’re lucky you can nab an off street parking space at the front of the cottage, otherwise there’s plenty of kerb-side parking nearby.

Leanne’s Café is full of country charm and hospitality….just what you expect when you visit a popular little village like Mogo. Watch the world drive by from the verandah as you enjoy a delicious Devonshire tea, or take a seat inside to satisfy your tastebuds with delicious date scones or other freshly home-baked treat with coffee or tea. Leanne’s date scones are irresistible! You’ll be amazed at the huge display of novelty teapots which are guaranteed to titillate and amuse you. The teapots come in all shapes beyond your wildest imagination – each one a real talking piece - and as luck has it are for sale. My favourite is the bumble bee…or maybe it’s the dragon…no, I think it’s the fire truck….or….

Leanne’s Café…you’ll just have to call in and see for yourself….

(updated 21/04/15)