Mogo Nursery

Mogo Nursery

ADDRESS: 42 Sydney Street, Mogo NSW 2536

PHONE: (02) 4474 4959 MOBILE: 0427 102 167

Mogo Nursery is certainly not your run of the mill general nursery. It has a distinctive atmosphere that encourages you to seek out unusual treasures that you may not find in the larger nurseries.

Phil and Gayle established Mogo Nursery in 1982 and have continually owned and operated the Nursery at the Princes Highway site for 26 years. The Nursery has been run along predominantly organic traditions with minimal pesticide use and no weedicides. This has enticed an array of native birds and reptiles which do a large part of the pest control for us.

You are encouraged to wander at your leisure through the Nursery and free advice is available without feeling any sales pressure.

Mogo Nursery contains rare and unusual plants set amongst a distinctive array of statuary and garden ornaments that you won’t find in other New South Wales nurseries.

Mogo Nursery has previously run a successful landscape contracting business that has seen the planting of tens of thousands of trees and shrubs throughout the Eurobodalla and beyond. This valuable experience allows for a great knowledge of plants that perform well within and beyond the Eurobodalla region.

Garden consultations are available on site for a small fee, where valuable advice can be given on planting techniques, soil improvement, garden layout, plant selection and maintenance procedures.

Mogo Nursery is in a delightful setting of historic buildings nestled in the heart of Mogo Village and is well and truly worth a visit.

Life is a garden. Dig it.

(updated 01/09/08)